Neutral Evaluation

Neutral Evaluation is a process whereby parties to a dispute can agree to ask one of our panel members to provide an opinion on the merits of their respective positions in a dispute. It is not offered to one side only. It is not a legal opinion. It is offered to both sides at the conclusion of the hearing and is a non-binding process.

The purpose of a Neutral Evaluation is to obtain the opinion of the evaluator who has years of experience either as counsel or as a retired Judge, as to the strength and weakness of a party’s case. The evaluator is able to provide insight based on experience as to what the evaluator feels a Court might decide if a matter proceeded to Court based on the material and submission made to the evaluator.

Neutral Evaluations are conducted under the protection of a Neutral Evaluation Agreement signed by the parties and counsel and anyone who participates in the process. The proceeding is confidential and without prejudice. The neutral is given the immunity provided to a Judge of the Superior Court of the jurisdiction where the matter is heard.

COE ADR MANAGEMENT will provide the parties with a Neutral Evaluation Agreement when booking the appointment and will make all arrangements required as to venue and confirmation of the appointment.


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