Private Appeal

Most parties to an arbitration before a single arbitrator agree that the Arbitral Award is final and binding. However, if parties to an arbitration decide in advance of the arbitration to mutually preserve a right of private appeal from the Arbitral Award, we can assist in the appointment of a Private Appeal Tribunal to conduct the private appellate hearing of the Arbitral Award. The award of the tribunal is then final and binding.

A Private Appeal is also offered following a judgment in a civil action if the parties agree in writing to abandon all recourse to a Court of Appeal and decide instead to proceed to have a Private Appeal before a tribunal of retired Judges or senior counsel. The Private Appeal Award is then a final determination of the matter. It is a procedure based on consent of the parties and is not in any way connected to the appeal procedures before the Court.

We also offer appellate services in situations where a statute may provide for an appeal and where the parties on consent wish to conduct it privately for a final determination of a matter.


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